Wichmann Innovations Award

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Your vote for the best product

In 2019, the Wichmann Verlag once again awards the Wichmann Innovations Award in the categories “hardware” and “software.”

There are two steps to the award procedure: In the first step, an independent jury of experts examined all submissions and nominated the top products and services. Criteria for evaluation are “degree of innovation or novelty,” “usability,” and “practicality.” The jury’s voting will count for 50 % in the final assessment, as in previous years. Now it’s time for the public to vote for the best products on show at the fair.

Join in! Choose your top product from the nominees presented here. Vote online by 18 September. With a bit of luck you’ll win a Jochen Schweizer Adventure Box.

The jury, consisting of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Blankenbach, RWTH Aachen University, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Joos of Runden Tisch GIS e. V., Dr.-Ing. Markus Seifert, LVG Bayern, Dipl.-Ing. Udo Stichling, President of the DDGI and Prof. Dr. Josef Strobl of the University of Salzburg, once again agreed to evaluate the applications and select the nominees. We expressly thank both the jury and the applicants.

The award ceremony is part of the closing event for Intergeo.

Following you will find short summaries of the selected products and applications.

Now it’s up to you. Who will win the trophies? Who will push all others aside and beat the competition in the Wichmann Innovation Award? The online voters can also look forward to some attractive prizes. Win a Jochen Schweizer Adventure Box, a subscription for our gis.Business/gis.Science and avn journals, or a book from the Wichmann publishing catalogue.

The Wichmann team wishes you good luck.

Map2Fly provides access to validated geospatial information essential for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones). With one click, the user gets accurate information from his or her own location (or the one selected) that results from over 165 data sources. For this purpose, not only laws and implementation regulations are shown based on rules, but also object-related information from transport infrastructure, settlements, energy plants, nature conservation information and more for the complex integration of drones in the urban airspace displayed and visualized in 3D.

www.flynex.de // Hall 4, booth B4.060

Depending on the geographic area and the season, clouds are a very common phenomenon on optical satellite data. The new software tool Imagine NoClouds was developed to tackle this problem. This product generates excellent cloud masks and cloudless mosaics of Sentinel-2 data. Running in a fully automated process, the tool calculates high-precision cloud masks, also for haze and cloud shadows. Considering the computed masks and utilizing an advanced algorithm, Imagine NoClouds generates a cloudless mosaic for a stack of images from a very short period of time.

www.geosystems.de/imagine-noclouds // Hall 1, booth E1.024

Smart Monitoring Appliance for IoT is a solution for real-time monitoring and analytics of sensor data. The appliance is capable to analyze historical data, real-time data as well as a combination of both for identifying trends. It consists of a visualization platform for gaining the situational awareness, a platform for sensor integration and access analytical methods and an IT-platform for the appliance itself. The visualization is configured to serve the customer needs and data from different sensors. The analytics depends on KPIs defined by the customer and can trigger different actions.

www.hexagongeospatial.com // Hall 1, booth B1.022

The web-based "Construction Site Atlas" offered by infrest is the basis for creating greater transparency for public works projects. It provides a smart networking solution to all stakeholders who are using the public space concerned, maintaining it, developing it, or working with it for projects of their own. The tool serves to coordinate and more efficiently plan projects and events that limit the availability of public road areas, such as the operation of construction sites, thus reducing the impacts on traffic, the environment, and residents.

www.infrest.de //  Hall 1, boothH1.002

Vaira is an innovative surveying and documentation app for network operators, construction companies and local governments. Vaira enables the construction worker to survey house connections or any other object intuitively and precisely in Augmented Realtiy and to carry out documentation duties with a smartphone entirely digitally. Orders are synchronized with a powerful backend immediately after surveying and support a fully automated workflow in real time. The data is available for other systems (e. g. GIS) through an API.

www.vaira.app // Hall 4, booth C4.058