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Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture

e-ISSN 2511-624X


The Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture addresses all aspects of digital technologies, applications, information, and knowledge bases in research, education, and practice pertaining to landscape architecture and related fields. The journal publishes original papers that address theoretical and practical issues, innovative developments, methods, applications, findings, and case studies that are drawn primarily from work presented at the annual international Digital Landscape Architecture conference. Its intent is to encourage the broad dissemination of these ideas, innovations, and practices.


Prof. Erich Buhmann, Anhalt University
Dr. Stephen Ervin, Harvard University
Dr. Sigrid Hehl-Lange, University of Sheffield
Prof. Dr. James Palmer, State University New York

Guest Editor

Dr. Yasin Çağatay Seçkin, Istanbul Technical University (Issue 1-2016)

Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Maria Attard, University of Malta
Prof. Dr. Thomas Blaschke, University of Salzburg
Dr. Michele Campagna, University of Cagliari
Tess Canfield, Landscape Architect
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Döllner, Hasso-Plattner-Institut
Pia Fricker, Aalto University
Dr. Marcel Heins, Anhalt University
Justine Holzman, University of Tennessee
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kias, Hochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
Prof. Joachim Kieferle, Hochschule Rhein-Main
Prof. Dr. Mintai Kim, Virginia Tech
Prof. Dr. Eckart Lange, University of Sheffield
Cristina Mattos, Esri Deutschland Group
Shannon McElvaney, Critigen
William Miller, Architect/Engineer
Prof. Dr. Brian Orland, University of Georgia
Dr. Agnieszka Ozimek, Cracow University of Technology
Muhammed Ali Örnek, Istanbul Technical University
Prof. Dr. Mine Özkar, Istanbul Technical University
Philip Paar, Laubwerk Potsdam
Prof. Dr. Matthias Pietsch, Anhalt University
Prof. Dr. Jörg Rekittke, RMIT University
Dr. Olaf Schroth, University of Sheffield
Dr. Yasin Çağatay Seçkin, Istanbul Technical University
Prof. Dr. Carl Steinitz, Harvard University
Prof. Dr. Dana Tomlin, University of Pennsylvania
Prof. Dr. Barty Warren-Kretzschmar, Utah State University
Dr. Ulrike Wissen Hayek, ETH Zürich

Editorial Staff

Jeanne Colgan, English for You
Markus Franke
Anna Greunig and Luis Janßen, Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg

Editorial Office

Prof. Erich Buhmann, Anhalt University, Bernburg, Germany, |


Wichmann Verlag im VDE VERLAG GMBH, Berlin/Offenbach


All articles are reviewed by an Editorial Board made up of renowned professionals using international standards (double-blind). The articles are original works that have not and will not appear elsewhere.

Open Access

The Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture is an open access publication in which the articles are published under the Creative-Commons-License "ND CC BY 4.0"

 Thereby all articles are under a “Creative Commons naming convention - no derivative works - 4.0 international license”. On this basis, contributions may be duplicated in every format or medium, but may not however be changed. With the submission of a manuscript to the Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture, the authors of the publications agree to terms of this license (Terms and Conditions)