Change Detection and Scenarios for Maintaining a National Road Database - Road Database Revision

N.S.J. Offermans, M. A. Schröer

In order to maintain a high quality road database a well organized data revision process has to be secured. The paper demonstrates a pilot project using high resolution satellite data for the updating process of the National Road Database (National Wegen Bestand, NWB) of The Netherlands. NWB contains in total 145.000 km of roads and has an up-to-dateness better than one year. The pilot project has proven, that high res satellite data can be one of several data sources to overcome efficiently and economically the updating process.


Artikelauszug / Extract:

1. Introduction
The Transport Research Centre AVV is a special department of Rijkswaterstaat (the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management). One of the products of AVV is the National Road Database (Nationaal WegenBestand NWB). The NWB is regarded as the de-facto digital road database and used by the public sector as a geographical integrator for traffic and transport studies. The NWB is a digital geographical network containing the centerlines of public roads in the Netherlands. At this moment the NWB contains in total 145.000 kilometer of roads, which are build up of 850.000 centreline segments. AVV estimates that the database contains 98% of the public roads in the Netherlands, that 95% of the centerlines are within an accuracy of 10 meters (scale 1:10.000), and that the upto- dateness is better than 1 year.

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