Wichmann Innovations Award

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Your vote for the best product

In 2019, the Wichmann Verlag once again awards the Wichmann Innovations Award in the categories “hardware” and “software.”

There are two steps to the award procedure: In the first step, an independent jury of experts examined all submissions and nominated the top products and services. Criteria for evaluation are “degree of innovation or novelty,” “usability,” and “practicality.” The jury’s voting will count for 50 % in the final assessment, as in previous years. Now it’s time for the public to vote for the best products on show at the fair.

Join in! Choose your top product from the nominees presented here. Vote online by 18 September. With a bit of luck you’ll win a Jochen Schweizer Adventure Box.

The jury, consisting of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Blankenbach, RWTH Aachen University, Prof. Dr. Gerhard Joos of Runden Tisch GIS e. V., Dr.-Ing. Markus Seifert, LVG Bayern, Dipl.-Ing. Udo Stichling, President of the DDGI and Prof. Dr. Josef Strobl of the University of Salzburg, once again agreed to evaluate the applications and select the nominees. We expressly thank both the jury and the applicants.

The award ceremony is part of the closing event for Intergeo.

Following you will find short summaries of the selected products and applications.

Now it’s up to you. Who will win the trophies? Who will push all others aside and beat the competition in the Wichmann Innovation Award? The online voters can also look forward to some attractive prizes. Win a Jochen Schweizer Adventure Box, a subscription for our gis.Business/gis.Science and avn journals, or a book from the Wichmann publishing catalogue.

The Wichmann team wishes you good luck.

Spike is a smart laser measurement solution that brings new functionality to your smartphone or tablet by turning it into a powerful measurement solution. Spike allows you to measure an object simply by taking a photo with your smartphone or tablet. From that photo, you can capture real-time measurements including areas, elevations, distances between two points, and GPS/GNSS location. The Spike laser device, with the mobile app, GI-Forms, and your smartphone or tablet work together to bring measurements within reach.

www.gi-geoinformatik.de // Hall 1, booth E1.076

The Leica BLK2GO is a handheld imaging laser scanner, a first-of-its-kind mobile scanner. The BLK2GO is designed to scan complex spaces with unprecedented efficiency and speed thanks to Lidar, Slam (simultaneous localisation and mapping) and edge computing technologies, which enables surveyors, professionals and users to expand their reality capture capabilities.

www.leica-geosystems.com // Hall 1, booth B1.022

The RIEGL VUX-240, a new airborne Lidar sensor with less than 4 kg weight and a sophisticated design offering 75° field of view, is now ready to be integrated on both larger unmanned and small manned aircraft. The high measurement rate of 1,500,000 meas./s and a high scan speed of up to 400 lines/s are the basis for high scan efficiency especially in applications like power line, railway track, or pipeline inspection or topography in open-cast mining. Interfaces for an optional INS/GNSS system integration and up to four optional cameras are further convincing key features of the new scanner.

www.riegl.com // Halle 1, booth I1.024



The Topcon GTL-1000 has been developed to finally deliver on the promise near real time construction verification by providing the on-site engineer a single powerful unit for traditional setting out and measurement checking combined with the capabilities of a fast, accurate laser scanner. The GTL-1000 allows for continual 3D data capture with almost no impact on the site engineers daily routine. With the optimised processing solution of Magnet Collage and Verity the scan data can be quickly compared to the design model and any deviations captured and reported on straightaway.

www.topconpositioning.com // Hall 3, booth F3.013

With the new camera systems of Zoller + Fröhlich, color information can be mapped into data measured by the Z+F Profiler 9012 in one step. The camera systems Z+F MapCam S and C have high-resolution sensors, a very wide field of view and cover the entire measuring area. The high frame rate of the cameras allows gapless and sharp images at speeds of up to 100 km/h. The cameras are easy to install and can be individually combined with the Z+F Profiler and any mobile mapping system.

www.zofre.de // Hall 1, booth G1.014