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Adopting Soundscape Technology to Assess Urban Landscape Performance

This paper documents, analyses, and discusses the sound levels in Klyde Warren Park in Dallas, Texas by conducting soundscape research as part of urban landscape performance. Relevant literature is reviewed and the recent developments in digital/mobile technologies in collecting, analysing, and communicating data in relation to physical environment is summarized. Researchers applied the grid method to collect and measure the sound data (Morrilas et al. 2011). The analysis and findings reveals that varying programmed spaces of the Klyde Warren Park (KWP) produces different levels of sound pressures in different times of the day, and the week. Research also finds statistically significant difference in recorded sound pressures within the different times of the day. In conclusion, the research illustrates that the advancement of digital/mobile technologies allow landscape architects to study other dimensions of human senses/experience, specifically sounds, as part of comprehensive landscape performance studies.

Autor / Author: Yildirim, Yalcin; Ozdil, Taner R.
Institution / Institution: University of Texas, Arlington, USA; University of Texas, Arlington, USA
Seitenzahl / Pages: 10
Sprache / Language: Englisch
Veröffentlichung / Publication: JoDLA − Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture, 1-2016
Tagung / Conference: Digital Landscape Architecture 2016 – Representing, Evaluating and Designing Landscapes: Digital Approaches
Veranstaltungsort, -datum / Venue, Date: Istanbul, Turkey 01-06-16 - 03-06-16
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Keywords (en): Soundscape, sound, grid method, urban landscape, Klyde Warren Park, preference, landscape performance, sound pressure levels
Paper review type: Full Paper Review
DOI: doi:10.14627/537612032
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