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Feng-shui – Ancient Geodesign as a Clue: Identifying Predictive Landform Models of Mountain Flood Impact Zones

The 2013 historical flood in the Colorado Front Range revealed the problems of siting processes. Homes built in debris/mudflow impact zones demonstrate the lack of knowledge and limited warning systems concerning such hazards. The mountain floods, including debris/mudflows and postfire factors, have not been researched sufficiently in site planning efforts. In contrast, some vernacular siting methods, such as feng-shui, would provide wisdom. Feng-shui is an ancient Chinese practice used to harmonize people with their environment; in particular, the form school provides landform criteria of mountains, hills, water, site, and orientation, to identify good luck sites and risk areas. Fengshui is an ancient geodesign. Using geomorphic knowledge and feng-shui as a clue, the author’s field investigations were carried out in the canyons of the Colorado Front Range for four months. This research identifies four landform models: (1) the Basin Model, (2) the Distant Model, (3) the Local Model, and (4) the Combined Model. By testing them with the information of the 2013 Colorado flood data, the four models will be valuable for predicting the debris/mudflow high impact zones physically or digitally. This interdisciplinary research could benefit site selection processes, planning efforts, and mitigation strategies in order to avoid building in risk areas and to evacuate during natural hazards in the Colorado Mountains and beyond.

Autor / Author: Xu, Ping
Institution / Institution: University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Seitenzahl / Pages: 8
Sprache / Language: Englisch
Veröffentlichung / Publication: JoDLA − Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture, 1-2016
Tagung / Conference: Digital Landscape Architecture 2016 – Representing, Evaluating and Designing Landscapes: Digital Approaches
Veranstaltungsort, -datum / Venue, Date: Istanbul, Turkey 01-06-16 - 03-06-16
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Keywords (en): Feng-shui, ancient geodesign, debris/mudflow, landform models, impact zones, dry wash
Paper review type: Full Paper Review
DOI: doi:10.14627/537612017
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