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Probabilistic Modelling and Complex Energy Landscape Design and Planning: An Experimental Approach

Spatially explicit and temporally sensitive probabilistic modelling and environmental simulation offer advantages to large scale landscape planning and design, especially in the context of energy exploration. Using a case study from North America, we investigate the strengths and appropriate uses of probabilistic modelling for regional decision making. The case study explores shale gas extraction from the Marcellus Shale region. We not only demonstrate the usefulness for integrating these models in the design and planning process, but also offer some guidance for the appropriate scales and applications.

Autor / Author: Murtha, Timothy; Hammond, Richard; Orland, Brian; Goldberg, Lacey
Institution / Institution: Penn State University, USA; Penn State University, USA; Penn State University, USA; Penn State University, USA
Seitenzahl / Pages: 8
Sprache / Language: Englisch
Veröffentlichung / Publication: Peer Reviewed Proceedings of Digital Landscape Architecture 2015 at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
Tagung / Conference: Digital Landscape Architecture 2015 – Landscape Architecture and Planning
Veranstaltungsort, -datum / Venue, Date: Dessau, Germany 04-06-15 - 06-06-15
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Keywords (en): Geodesign, simulation
Paper review type: Full Paper Review
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