Wichmann Innovations Award

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Your vote for the best product

In 2018, the Wichmann Verlag once again awards the Wichmann Innovations Award in the categories “hardware” and “software.” The jury’s voting will be part of the final assessment for the first time this year.

Based on the criteria “innovation”, “user-friendliness” and “practicality”, the public will be asked to vote for the best products on show at the fair.

Choose your top product from the nominees presented here. Vote online on www.gispoint.de/wia by 17 October. With a bit of luck you could win a Garmin Vivosmart HR+.

The jury, consisting of Prof. Dr. Gerhard Joos of Runden Tisch GIS e. V., Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jörg Blankenbach, RWTH Aachen University, Dr.-Ing. Markus Seifert, LDBV Bayern, Dipl.-Ing. Udo Stichling, President of the DDGI and Prof. Dr. Josef Strobl of the University of Salzburg, once again agreed to evaluate the applications and select the nominees. We expressly thank both the jury and the applicants.

The award ceremony is part of the closing event for Intergeo.

Following you will find short summaries of the selected products and applications.

On the following pages you will find short summaries of the selected products and applications.
Now it’s up to you. Who will win the cups? Who will push all others aside and beat the competition in the Wichmann Innovation Award? The online voters can also look forward to some attractive prizes. Win a Garmin Vivosmart HR+, a subscription for our gis.Business/gis.Science and avn journals, or a book from the Wichmann publishing catalogue.
The Wichmann team wishes you good luck.

"Alexa, I want a real estate map." Katbot is a Chatbot of AED-SICAD for the ordering of products from the official property cadastre. The user is guided through a dialogue with the Chatbot Alexa to his product "extract of the official real estate map". Finally, the ordered cadastre product is provided via e-mail and download link. Enabling technology is a  combination of artificial intelligence (AI) in language services and AED-SICAD Web Services from a 3A Web ALKIS spatial data infrastructure.

www.aed-sicad.com // Hall 12.0, booth B.032

vMAP Portal is a powerful web-based geographic information system that supports companies and other organizations with visualization, analysis, routing, reporting and many other functions. It uses a modern architecture that is secure, flexible and open. A simple and intuitive user interface can be configured extensively and enables optimal configuration of user roles and access rights to data. The API and support for all common GIS formats makes vMAP Portal the ideal information platform.

www.vmap.rocks / www.haiberg.com // Hall 12.1, booth D.101

The "Construction Site Information System" provides descriptions of construction sites on Berlin's roads and squares − for free. lt's an app for smartphones developed by infrest on behalf of Alliander Stadtlicht, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, NBB Netzgesellschaft Berlin-Brandenburg, Stromnetz Berlin and Vattenfall Wärme Berlin. To obtain information on construction sites users only have to download the app and scan a standardized traffic panel. The app now determines the construction site via GPS tracking and data coming from infrest's Construction Site Atlas.

www.infrest.de // Hall 12.1, booth G.079

Developed by users, MapInfo Pro™ v17 has introduced several innovations to dramatically improve the customer experience. For this purpose, a six-month beta test program with over 400 users was carried out. MapInfo Pro™ v17 features stronger performance improvements from top to bottom. With support for massive files, outstanding platform stability and award-winning raster capabilities, it can create most powerful visualizations and spatial analytics. Plus, extreme processing speeds and a highly intuitive design help to reach business decisions sooner.

www.pitneybowes.com/de // Hall 12.1, booth E.052

Rheticus® processes Sentinel-1 satellite radar data to provide information about ground instability with millimeter accuracy. Data processing in the cloud is considered the State of the Art in "Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar". Analysis via the Smart-M.App “Network Alert” then enables vector data (e.g. pipelines) to be intersected with the ground displacement information and thus to obtain indicators for preventing leakages in the defective segments. For the first time, ground lifting and lowering movements can be continuously monitored automatically from the space with a turnkey and cost-effective solution.

www.planetek.it // Hall 12.1, booth D.051